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More About Us

Sunflower Close Up

In August 2019 Insight Practitioners and Scholars from around the world gathered in Prince Edward Island Canada.  Brought together by a shared passion for building understanding, learning and peace through insight, curiosity and dialogue, Catherine Ali, Debi Parush and Susan Hartley began to imagine working in a collaborative partnership.  Catherine was energized by a vision of creating a healing and transformative space in her family home in Limerick, Ireland.  Her passion was contagious and weekly online meetings began, with Catherine in Trinidad, Susan in Canada, and Debi, along with collegue Aura Hammer, in Israel. 


We are four women who have come together with a shared passion and a broad range of expertise and experience to create a physical space and an online presence offering healing, conflict transformation, and resiliency support for those on the front lines of conflict and peace-building.

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