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Dr. Susan Hartley      Aura Hammer      Jane Murutu, MA       Ellen O'Malley Camps MA   Sabrina Mowlah-Baksh MA  Kassinda Bulger

symposium speakers, panelists and facilitators

Day 1:  Insight transformations

Catherine Ali, PhD

Founder/Director,  Gobnait's House

Catherine is a conflict transformation professional and consultant in the change energy of gender empowerment and human development.  Her background is in researching social problems in relation to social, criminal, restorative justice, developing social policy and implementing programmes to deliver change in institutions and communities. She is a member of Caribbean Centre for Human Rights Group, Women's Empowerment and Conflict Transformation Groups based on Insight into Human Understanding.

Susan Hartley, PhD

Founder/Director,  Gobnait's House

Susan is a Clinical Psychologist who has joined many people, families and systems as they journey through discovery and change.  She is a trained conflict resolution specialist in both Collaborative and Insight Approaches to conflict transformation. 


Susan is a Rotary Peace Fellow and Peace Activator, having studied at the Peace Centre in Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.  She is currently applying her understanding of Insight based transformation conflict  to political and social systems as the Vice-President of the Prince Edward Island Green Party and past critic for Health and Wellness.  

In 2016 Susan coordinated the Women's Peace Tables Worldwide in partnership with #womenseriously and Peace Women Worldwide.  This was launched in Dublin and  involved more than 120 events in over 40 countries globally.  In all her work she advocates strongly for diversity and inclusion at all levels of peace and decision making tables. 

Susan is a trained facilitator who loves to engage community in transformative dialogue and learning.  She lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Debi Kaporovsky Parush, MA

Founder/Director,  Gobnait's House

Debi Kaporovsky Parush has been engaged in facilitating communication between parties for meeting important needs in a wide variety of contexts, including bootstrapping a leading high-tech user-experience consulting firm; leading organizational change in a mission-critical government agency; and leading regional and national training, dialoging, and partnership teams for Women Wage Peace.


Debi has a master's degree in educational technology and a graduate certificate in the Insight Approach to Conflict Transformation. She is currently studying for a doctorate in Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Ellen O'Malley Camps

Counsellor/Mediator, Theatre Practitioner

Kassinda Bulger


Kassinda Bulger is an actor, improv comedian, and aspiring voice actor from Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. She holds a minor in Theatre Studies (UPEI), a diploma in Theatre Performance (Holland College) and has previously studied theatre performance at George Brown Theatre School in Toronto, Canada. Kassinda's most recent acting credits include Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Naivety in Nutshell, and Half-Penny Palmer and Stacey in Meanwhile in Ward 16: A Charlottetown Soap Opera. 

Day 2:  Insight in relationship: Trauma and Gender

Dr. Catherine Ali

Founder/Director,  Gobnait's House

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Sabrina Mowlah-Baksh, MA

Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Sabrina Mowlah-Baksh is the General Manager of the Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She holds a Masters Degree in Gender and Development Studies. Sabrina was the recipient of the prestigious Women's Peacemaker 2017 Visiting Scholar award at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego.


She is a member of several international women and security bodies including International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership and Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth.  She served as a Civil Society Advisory Member to UN Women Caribbean. At present, she sits on the Inter Ministerial Committee set up by the government of Trinidad & Tobago to coordinate strategies to address gender based violence. Sabrina is also a member of the National Reference Group for the Spotlight Initiative in that country. She is the Chair of a recently established local NGO called Women for Peace and Justice.

Superintendent Oswain Subero

Inter Agency Task Force, Trindad & Tobabgo

Retired Inspector Elvin Reid

Inter Agency Task Force, Trindad & Tobabgo

council circle


   Aura Hammer

   Director, Gobnait's House

     Aura partnered with Debi Parush in delivering the Promoting Dialogue workshops across the country of Israel with Women Wage Peace. She is currently the coordinator of the Diversity team and active regionally in northern Israel. She is a facilitator of circles, sustainability, and cross  cultural women’s empowerment; and a Council Circle trainer and facilitator.

Day 3:  peace and insight entrepreneurship



Vice Admiral Mark Mellett DSM, PhD

Chief of Defence of the Irish Defence Forces

Vice Admiral Mark Mellett has over 40 years’ service as an officer in the Irish Defence Forces. He is the first naval officer in the Irish State to serve as Chief of Staff, having previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Navy. For over two decades he has been a change leader, contributing to ongoing transformation and positioning the Irish forces in a post-modern setting.

Admiral Mellett is a champion of internal and external organisational diversity. He led the introduction of a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy in the Defence Forces (the first of its kind in the Irish Public Service), which focused on gender, culture, creed, age and sexual orientation. He is a strong advocate of external networks and partnership with other militaries, state bodies, research institutes and enterprise. He was co-founder of the Irish Maritime and Energy Resources Cluster, an innovation partnership between the military, academia, and enterprise.

Admiral Mellett has extensive experience at home and abroad, including in Afghanistan and Lebanon, in combined and joint operational missions. During his service at the Divisional HQ in Kabul with ISAF, he conceived and drove the development of a ‘cross cutting’ framework between Afghan Officials, Coalition Forces, NATO/ISAF Forces and the UN. His capacity to act as an ‘honest broker’ proved highly effective in attaining unity of effort among disparate stakeholders in complex scenarios. 

Holder of a Doctorate in Political Science and a Masters in Government and Public Policy, Admiral Mellett has a keen interest in research with a focus on European security, innovation, diversity and values-based leadership. He has been a member of the European Security Research Innovation Forum (ESRIF) and has completed the EU Senior Mission Leaders Course. He has also been a Visiting Professor abroad in Liverpool Hope University and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Law at University College Cork.


Gary Mason, MBE, BA, Dip.Th, D.D. PhD

Founder/Director, Rethinking Conflict

Rev. Dr. Gary Mason is a Methodist minister and directs a conflict transformation organisation based in Belfast called "Rethinking Conflict." Prior to this he spent 27 years as a Methodist clergy person in parish ministry in Belfast and has played an integral role in the Northern Irish peace process. He played a key role in establishing the $30 million Skainos project which is a world class urban centre developed in a post conflict society as a model of co existence and shared space, it is acknowledged as the largest faith-based redevelopment project in Western Europe. Mason is a close advisor to Protestant ex-combatants on the civilianisation efforts of paramilitaries. He was instrumental in facilitating negotiations with paramilitaries and government officials, and in 2007 his contribution was formally recognised by the Queen. In 2009, Mason’s church was the stage from which Loyalist paramilitaries announced their weapons decommissioning.


He holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Ulster, completed his theological studies at Queens University, and a Bachelor’s in Business Studies from the University of Ulster. Gary also holds an honorary doctorate from Florida Southern College for his role in peace building in Ireland.  

Gary is a Senior Research Fellow at the Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention at Maynooth University in Ireland. He is a Adjunct Professor at the Candler School of theology at Emory University in Atlanta lecturing on reconciliation, peace building, the history of the N Ireland conflict, racism, sectarianism and conflict transformation. Gary is a faculty advisor and partner to the Negotiation Strategies Institute a Harvard University programme on negotiation.

Heidi Riley, PhD

University College Dublin


Dr Heidi Riley is Assistant Professor in International Relations in the School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin. She is also a member of the UCD GLOBUS research team.


Heidi teaches in peace and conflict studies and her main research areas are in gender and armed conflict, with a particular focus on masculinities. She also works on issues of negotiated settlement, with a focus on women’s participation in international peace mediation.


Heidi previously worked for the Conflict Resolution Unit at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where she was part of the team implementing the Irish National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325. In addition, she has worked for a variety of Irish human rights NGOs including Front Line Defenders. Her early career began in the production and technical side of the performing arts in the UK, working in theatre, opera and dance. As a result she is a strong advocate for the use of the arts in conflict resolution.

For more information on publications see: https://people.ucd.ie/heidi.riley/publications


Barbara Walshe

Chair, Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation


Barbara Walshe has been at the helm of Glencree’s peacebuilding work since 2014. Drawing on her years of experience in peacebuilding and restorative justice at national and international level, she is currently leading Glencree into its next phase of development as a Global Peace Centre. From her role as a Peace Observer and Envoy in the Israel/Palestine conflict to her ongoing work in the Northern Ireland conflict, to her work in prisons, she is confident that Glencree has much to offer in an increasingly polarised world by facilitating dialogue, mediation, restorative practice, all alternative ways to resolve conflict peacefully.  

The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation was founded in 1974 as a response to the outbreak of violent conflict in Northern Ireland and the ripple effects of that conflict in the Republic of Ireland.  Glencree played a significant but quiet role in the peace process and continues to facilitate, often difficult conversations, quietly in the interest of improving fractured relationships and the resolution of conflict across the island and abroad, most recently in Haiti and Papua New Guinea.

For the past four years, Glencree has also been involved in supporting the integration of Refugees and Asylum seekers in an increasingly diverse Ireland.  

Glencree is strongly committed to supporting multilateralism, the recent acquisition of the non-permanent seat at the UN,  the Global Goals, Climate Action, The National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security (UN Resolution 1325) and  A Better World - Ireland’s long-term commitment to humanitarian aid in conflict and post-conflict societies.


Jane Murutu, MA

Activist Ambassador, Everywoman Organization

Rotary Peace Fellow


Jane Murutu is an accomplished Project Manager. She has worked for Konrad Adenauer Stiftung- Kenya for 9 years.

Her speciality is in Governance, Policy and Conflict Resolution. She holds a BA from Moi University and an MA from Kampala International University.

A Rotary Peace Fellow from Chulalongkorn University class XII,Thailand, Jane has successfully held three women Peace Tables at Kampi ya Moto- Nakuru and Kiambaa in Eldoret.

Currently she is an Activist Ambassador, a volunteer position with Everywoman Organization, advocating for elimination of all forms of violence against Women through signing of an online treaty.

She believes” None can destroy Iron but its own rust can.Likewise none can destroy a person but his/ her mindset.”


council circle


   Aura Hammer

   Director, Gobnait's House

     Aura partnered with Debi Parush in delivering the Promoting Dialogue workshops across the country of Israel with Women Wage Peace. She is currently the coordinator of the Diversity team and active regionally in northern Israel. She is a facilitator of circles, sustainability, and cross  cultural women’s empowerment; and a Council Circle trainer and facilitator.