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Bookshelf:  Conflict Transformation

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Transforming Conflict Through Insight

by Cheryl A. Picard and Kenneth R. Melchin 

University of Toronto Press. 2008.

"Transforming Conflict Through Insight is an intuitive guide into the world of conflict resolution, focusing on Bernard Lonergan's philosophy of Insight Theory. Cheryl Picard and Kenneth Melchin focus on the roles of learning, feelings and values when confronting a conflict narrative. The overarching idea is learning not just "from" conflict, but "in" conflict as well. The authors' goal is to turn destructive, violent conflict into a constructive learning experience. The main obstacle to resolving conflict that is presented in this book is the parties' feeling of threat. The authors' hope is to navigate beyond this feeling with the help of insights." ~ Alessandra Cuccia, School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR), George Mason University

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