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Partners, Mentors, and Colleagues

Hands Up

We are grateful to those who have welcomed Gobnait's House into the global community of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and healing.


Dr. Cheryl Picard, professor emeritus Carleton University, now resides in Prince Edward Island. While at Carleton, she founded the Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution, the Centre for Conflict Education and Research, and the Mediation Centre. She is an adjunct professor, Department of Applied Communication, Leadership and Culture at the University of Prince Edward Island, as well as in the School of Humanitarian Studies, Royal Roads University, Victoria BC. Dr. Picard has authored four books, the most recent, Practicing Insight Mediation (2016) focuses on the skills of mediation and conflict resolution using the Insight approach to conflict. Her work over the years not only helped establish conflict resolution and mediation programs in Canada, but also in places such as Cuba, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago. Cheryl received the FAMMA award for exceptional contributions to the field of mediation and was one of 50 women from across Canada recognized for long standing peace work by the Department of Peace Initiative in cooperation with the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace and the Civilian Peace Service Canada.

Rev. Dr. Gary Mason
Founder/Director Rethinking Conflict

Gary Mason, is a Methodist Minister, and holds a PhD from the school of Psychology at the University of Ulster. He was also awarded an honorary Doctorate in Divinity for his role in peace building in Ireland, from Florida Southern College. He completed his theological studies at Queens University and holds a Bachelor’s in Business Studies from the University of Ulster. 

Gary is a Senior Research Fellow at the Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention at Maynooth University in Ireland. He is also an adjunct Professor at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta. Gary is a faculty advisor to the Negotiations Strategies Institute, which is a Harvard University programme for leaders in the Israeli / Palestinian context. He has lectured in political, religious and academic forums throughout Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and the U.S.A. seeking to engage, mentor and share lessons from the Irish peace process. He has travelled widely in the USA and has spoken in Churches of all Christian denominations as well as other faith settings. Gary has also given lectures in a number of College, University and denominational settings across the United States from Harvard University, Boston College, Boston University, Tufts University, Emory University, Duke University, University of Alabama, Florida Southern College, Birmingham Southern College, Fairmont State University, Wesleyan WV, Rollins College, St. Cloud University, St. John’s University Minnesota and Hamline University.

Patsy Beattie-Huggan, MSc, RN
President and Principal Consultant, The Quaich Inc

Patsy Beattie-Huggan is the founder and President of The Quaich Inc. She has served as consultant to many national and international projects. Her creative work in health promotion, such as leadership to the development of the Circle of Health© has been widely recognized. Patsy holds a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of New Brunswick and a MSc in Nursing and Health Studies from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She brings exceptional skills, enthusiasm and creative problem-solving to all that she does. You will find more information about Patsy on LINKEDIN.

Jane Murutu

Activist Ambassador, Everywoman Organization


Jane Murutu is an accomplished Project Manager.She has worked for Konrad Adenauer Stiftung- Kenya for 9 years.    Her speciality is in Governance,Policy and Conflict Resolution.She holds a BA from Moi University and an MA from Kampala International University.   Jane is a Rotary Peace alumnus from Chulalongkorn University class XII,Thailand.She has successfully held three women Peace Tables at Kampi ya Moto- Nakuru and Kiambaa in Eldoret.


Currently she is an Activist Ambassador,a volunteer position with Everywoman Organization, advocating for elimination of all forms of violence against Women through signing of an online treaty.  Jane believes: " None can destroy Iron but its own rust can.Likewise none can destroy a person but his/ her mindset."


You can reach her at

Ellen O'Malley Camps

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-13 at 8.50.34 AM.


The Camps Carnival Theatre Process is the “brain-child” of  Ellen O’Malley Camps. The process offers a culturally appropriate and practical method for individuals and groups on their journey towards authenticity and individuation. It  employs a human enrichment and life skills empowerment, transformative and celebratory methodology. 

One element of the process draws on Trinidad’s J’ouvert Carnival traditions as possible archetypes for agency and self-determination using the techniques of ritual, carnival, and theatre to explore and evaluate notions of identity, empowerment, transformation and  justice.


Another element draws on the insights and techniques of humanistic and transpersonal psychology (Psychosynthesis), restorative justice and mediation to facilitate functional intra, interpersonal and communal relationships. 

As a whole the process touches the core life/creative energy of a person allowing freedom, release and artistic  expression in the body, voice, imagination and emotions, rooting everything in the physical. 

Brown Cotton Outreach’s (BCO - incorporated as a not-for-profit NGO) training programmes, workshops, seminars and interventions employ The Camps Carnival Theatre Process e.g. in its Trinidad Maximum Security Prison Film/Theatre Programme for Long-term/Lifer Inmates.

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