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About Us

Catherine Ali, PhD

Catherine is a conflict transformation professional and consultant in the change energy of gender empowerment and human development.  Her background is in researching social problems in relation to social, criminal, restorative justice, developing social policy and implementing programmes to deliver change in institutions and communities. She is a member of Caribbean Centre for Human Rights Group, Women's Empowerment and Conflict Transformation Groups based on Insight into Human Understanding.

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Debi Parush

Debi has a graduate diploma in Conflict Resolution from Carleton University in Canada and a Masters degree in Educational Technology. She has been extremely active in Women Wage Peace as a regional coordinator (Kiryat Tivon and the region, Israel), national training coordinator, promoting dialogue coordinator (with Aura), and collaborations coordinator.

Susan Hartley, PhD

Susan is a clinical psychologist and conflict resolution professional who is trained in the Insight Approach to Conflict Transformation. It is through curiosity and wondering that we learn not only about others but also ourselves, so that we can make choices that support peace and growth.

Susan is also a Rotary Peace Scholar who advocates for diversity and inclusion at all levels of peace and decision making tables. 

Susan is a trained facilitator who loves to engage community in transformative dialogue.  She lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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Aura Hammer

Aura partnered with Debi Parush in delivering the Promoting Dialogue workshops across the country of Israel with Women Wage Peace. She is currently the coordinator of the Diversity team and active regionally in northern Israel. She is a facilitator of circles, sustainability, and cross cultural women’s empowerment; and a Council Circle trainer and facilitator.

Geographically rooted in Limerick, Ireland, Gobnait’s House has been created by four women working in peacebuilding, mediation, conflict transformation, and healing within diverse settings across the world. 

The center promotes wellness, resilience, empowerment and learning for those engaging the frontlines of social change and political activism. 


Our reach is extended globally through digital technology, and central to our success is in the desire to work collaboratively, and in partnership with others engaged in peacebuilding. 


We welcome all dialogue opportunities.

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